About Alternative Poker Tour

The Alternative Poker Tour offers totally free No Limit Texas Hold’ Em poker tournaments 7 nights a week through various bars and restaurants throughout Phoenix. There is absolutely no risk and no fee to play! Just come down and have fun. You’ll earn points that will lead to various monthly, quarterly, and yearly tournaments with even more prizes available to you! Many of the bars we play in also offer bar tabs and final table shots as rewards. Our sponsors also provide great prizes like; TV’s, trips, Staycations, meals, giftcards, and more!

Looking to meet new people? Free poker is the way to do it! Come alone and meet 7 new people just at your table! Bring your friends and the party is even bigger. The game is structured, with a dedicated host to guide the game and even help new players with rules and procedure. The mood is light and fun, with the focus on the social aspect of the game. To keep things even more interesting, we’re running a year long point competition where the top 50 % of our players can compete for a chance at their $50,000 Dream Car next August. Check out the Dream Car Bonus Game page for more details. All you have to do to qualify is get out and play to earn those points! APT will also be offering two seats to the Arizona State Poker Championship held at Talking Stick Resort next year. Stay tuned for details on that… For game times and venues, please see our “Where to Play” page, or visit our new site, http://www.PhxPoker.com We hope you join us!


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