Essay Contest to Reap Rewards

Remember essay contests? Well, we’re bringing them back for the month of January. One of our newest sponsors, Poker Moses, aka Mark Brement, is a renowned poker coach that helps plug the leaks in even the greatest player’s game. His coaching services are available to APT players whenever they’re ready to up their game a bit. For this essay contest, Poker Moses has offered a coaching package valued at over $300 to the winner. Your topic? “How Playing Free Poker Has Affected My Life” PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO BY JANUARY 31, 2013

We’re not looking for a novel or anything, nor do we just want a twitter update. Instead, write a long paragraph, about 2oo words will do. My participating in the contest, you’ll be giving us permission to use your essay for marketing and promotion. The winner will be determined by APT staff with input from Poker Moses, and will be announced at the Yearly Event or earlier. To prompt you, I’ll share my essay with you here. Good luck and have some fun with it!

“When I first discovered free poker in the gay bars of Phoenix over eight years ago, it was a Monday night at Bunkhouse and I couldn’t believe all the people that were out. When I finally talked myself into playing, everyone at the table was warm and friendly. Since then, free poker is available in a gay bar 7 days a week and I always feel like there is something to do. One of the things I like most about playing cards at the bar is never feeling awkward to walk in alone. As soon as you sit down, you’ve pretty much got 7 new friends to talk to.

Over the course of the years, I have met some of the most amazing people and I truly consider myself blessed. My social circle, as well as my professional circle and contacts have easily quadrupled thanks to the relationships I’ve built through poker.  There is a sense of family in our little poker community, and many times this family has come together to help others in their time of need. This is the most generous group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

While winning is always a nice treat, it is very clear to me that free poker is more about who you meet and the energy you gain, than any prize you could take home. Free poker in Phoenix has literally changed my life forever and has provided so many great memories that I’ll never forget.” -Billy






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