APT Looking for New Poker Hosts & Promoters

For over 7 years, Jeremiah hosted Monday and Tuesday nights at the Bunkhouse. Pete has hosted at The Rock, or other venues for a long time too. I’ve been hosting off and on since The Rock first brought poker in nearly 8 years ago. It’s fun, a great way to make some extra cash, and it’s a pleasure to be surrounded by an amazing group of people that quickly became close friends. With that being said, lots of life can happen through the years. Jeremiah recently had another beautiful baby that requires more of his attention. Pete’s about to turn to dust and would like to retire. I am always looking for the next adventure. So, we’ve got opportunity. Not only will the current venues be looking for new hosts, or subs, we’re actively pursuing new venues across the valley.

We’re looking for leaders strong in poker skills and/or promotion & marketing. You’ve all encountered many hosts in your poker lifetime. Some you like, some you don’t. We’re looking for those with a passion for running a fun event that gets fired up when they create an environment for others to have fun in. Fill out the interest form here and we’ll be in touch.



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