APT Secures Renowned Poker Coach as Latest Sponsor

Mark Brement, aka, Poker Moses, (seated center) poses for this shot at the Final Table of the Arizona State Poker Championship

We’re having fun adding to your player prize pool. In addition to the Quarterly and yearly events, we’ve added the APT Anniversary Tournaments that feature the Dream Car Bonus Game, where the Top 20 finishers will get a shot at their $50,000 dream car. Then, we added TWO $1,000 seats to the Arizona State Poker Championship at Talking Stick Resort, where the estimated prize pool is at $1,000,000 again. The winner of this year’s State Poker Championship went home with $233,000 CASH!

Many of us have been playing each other for almost 8 years now! Most of us have progressed to VERY solid poker players. And, we know there’s another level of play just beyond our current reach. We’re still here just for fun & entertainment, but I think we can agree that the game is a lot more fun when we make good decisions (and win). $233,000 is life-changing money for most of us. When the stakes are high, a little advice from the pros couldn’t hurt!

We’re pleased to announce that professional poker player, Mark Brement, aka Poker Moses (for his token “Ten Commandments of Winning Poker” strategy) has joined the Alternative Poker Tour as an official sponsor. Mark is a down to earth player, once ranked by Card Player Magazine as 86th in highest earnings. He now resides in the Phillipines with his family and offers one-on-one virtual coaching to players all over the world.   As part of his sponsorship, you’ll see his blog posts on the APT Facebook page, as well as have some exclusive content from the busy coach and father. We’ll also be kicking off the sponsorship with an APT exclusive “Essay Contest”, where the winner will receive a prize package that includes some one-on-one coaching from Poker Moses himself. Details on that will follow shortly. In the meantime, “Like” the new “Poker Moses” Facebook page, and feel free to peruse his current blog at http://pokermoses.blogspot.com/ For those immediately interested in his coaching programs, take a look here: http://pokermoses.blogspot.com/p/coaching-programs.html

Interestingly enough, Mark also placed 7th in the Arizona State Poker Championship! That’s the very tournament we’re sending at least TWO lucky winners to next year. Talk about experienced!

Another Big Win for Brement at the “Christmas in July” Tournament for Del Sol Casinos


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