New Catch Phrase for APT Released

The first year of APT has been an exciting roller coaster of events and adventures. Our very first catch phrase, “Open Tables, Open Minds” helped with our initial transition and helped people feel welcome and comfortable as the new league took form and introduced all the fun stuff we had in store. Now that we’re headed full steam with a clear vision of where we’re going and what we have to offer the players, we’re introducing a new catch phrase. “Just For the Fun of It” has just been launched this week and will begin appearing in advertisements in New Times, Craigslist, & more. As we expand to new venues, and to new players, we hope it stays more than just a catch phrase. Fun & entertainment are truly why most of us are here, and “Just For the Fun of It” will permeate everything that we do. We’re 400 players strong, and growing every day. That’s a lot of personalities! We’ll keep the events fun, light, and well organized, with great prizes. You come, Just for the fun of it!



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