TRIPLE Point Tournaments Are Back!

Until the point tracking system was up and going, we kind of eased up on the amount of TRIPLE point tournaments we were offering. Now that the system is up for the world to see, we’re kicking them off again, full steam! Last Friday, at the Grand Welcoming Event for Harley’s Bistro, we offered TRIPLE points and had nearly five full tables. Each week, we will now offer TRIPLE points at a specific location and we’ll rotate through all the APT venues. TRIPLE points offer a huge opportunity for those players that haven’t been out to play as much as they’d like. With numbers on the rise in all venues, a TRIPLE point tourney can catapult a player up through the ranks and assure them a place in the Top 125 for January’s Yearly event. The buzz is on because the First Place prize for the Yearly tournament has just been announce; a $1,000 seat to the Arizona State Poker Championship. Players will also get a chance at $2500 in cash again with the Royal Flush Bonus Game! For this week, join us at Cash Inn tomorrow night at both 7 & 10pm for TRIPLE points AND lots of other fun as Vicki hosts the Summer Invite. Bring your Harley’s Bistro, Certified Technical Services, or ANY taxi receipt for an extra $1500 in chips. Happy Playing!


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