New Website, Point Standings, Finally Released

It’s been a long time coming. The release of the new Alternative Poker Tour website, fully equipped with point standings for every player in the league, marks the beginning of a whole new adventure as we grow into more venues and more players. This new release is truly a Version 1.0 to the public and displays information from an advanced database that has taken over a year to develop. We’re excited to share it with you AND we know there’s still a lot of work to be done.

What you need to know: The site is now officially

1. We’re back logged on loading points into the database, so the numbers you see are not complete. We are working diligently to get caught up and should be so in the next couple weeks.

2. The website will require all users to download MS Silverlight to your computers. Right now, there is no other option. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is safe. All you have to do is try to go to the site and if Silverlight is not on your computer, you will be prompted to download.

3. The Home page features a brief intro AND the updated Tournament Schedule. Whatever day you log in, that days tournaments will load up for you first. You can then navigate to another day if you wish.

4. Standings Page- This will automatically load the highest point earners for the whole year and work backwards. To change this, you can click the “Rank” box and it will sort lowest to highest instead. This will also work for sorting when you click the “Player” box. That will sort player names alphabetically.

5. The AZ number is your new APT player number! Click it to see your individual stats and search criteria. Have fun with it, explore.Please put this number in your phone and use it to sign out. This will help your points stay accurate.

6. You can also see that we keep track of the number of times you place in the top 3, and how many times you place in the Top 20!

We have left a “Contact Us” tab for your use as well. That email goes direct to our web programmer so please provide your feedback and help us improve. Please direct ALL Point/website/standings questions and concerns to this Contact page. This will help ensure you get the issue addressed and/or resolved in a timely fashion. Please do not call or text Tater, Vicki, Pete, or Billy directly yet.

Thank you all for your patience through the construction process! Please enjoy it and earn those points! From now on, most incentives will be tied directly to points.




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