New Sponsors Abound

We’ve been hearing some great feedback lately on the quantity and quality of prizes we are able to reward the playership with. We’re glad you like them! And, there’s more to come. Part of our business model from the beginning was to solicit corporate sponsorship of varying levels that could help bolster the level of prizes. As we head into year two, those sponsorships are coming in strong. Of course, this business model only works if we select quality sponsors that you, as players, are comfortable supporting. And, so far, so good! Our strongest sponsor from the very beginning has been Leon Huff with Certified Technical Services. Leon has made many of the medallions, the trips, and other prizes a possibility. The players have shown their gratitude by referring business to him on multiple occasions. Be ready for another big sponsorship announcement from Leon in the coming days.

We’re also very excited to have Harley’s Italian Bistro on board as our latest sponsor! Harley’s location on 7th Avenue is ideal for poker players playing at The Rock, Bunkhouse, or even Oz Bar. We’re kicking off their sponsorship this Friday, September 14th with a special, One Night Only, Grand Welcoming tournament. Game times are 6 & 9 and will replace the regularly scheduled Rock games that night. The weather will be delightful on the back patio and all players will get a chance to enjoy the full menu and bar (you’ve got to try the crack bread). We’ll also be featuring two date nights per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays where poker players can get an extra $2500 in chips when they turn in a Harley’s Bistro receipt. All other days, receipts will be worth $1500 in chips!

Keep your eye out for more fun and excitement as more and more sponsors jump on board with us.


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