IcePics Launches All New Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion!

IcePics Video Bar and APT are introducing an exciting component to FREE poker on Monday nights. Normally reserved for casino play, Icepics owner Phil Marcus is launching the first ever Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion available to registered APT players on Monday evenings. He’ll put in .50 cents PER PLAYER of each tournament on Mondays and the jackpot will progressively get bigger and bigger as the weeks go on. To kick things off right, he will guarantee a $100 pot IMMEDIATELY!
There is still no cost to the poker players! The owner is just setting the cash aside to thank the loyal players. To qualify, the bad beat hand must be aces full of 10’s or better, beaten by quads or better (both hole cards have to play). 50% of the cash will be paid to the loser of the hand, 25% will be paid to the winner, and the other 25% will be equally shared with the players that participated in the hand. (official jackpot rules below)
The Bad Beat Jackpot Promotion is just another way that APT and individual bar owners are thinking outside the box in order provide fun and rewarding entertainment for Free poker players. In addition to the jackpot, Icepics will also be offering a drawing EVERY Monday night for great door prizes. To get your free ticket, just sign up to play. We’ll give bonus tickets out as the night goes on and will draw the winner around 9pm every Monday. You must be present to win the nightly prize!
Every Monday you can enjoy 2-4-1 cocktails until 8pm, FREE Hot dogs and chili, and during football season, the best display of games in town.

Bad Beat Jackpot Official Rules for Icepics Video Bar

1. Players may not contribute any cash value to jackpot

2. As a player, you must have been dealt a hand at that table in order to be a participant in the bad beat payout

3.  The qualifier for losing hand is Aces Full of Tens or better getting beat by Four of a Kind or Better. Both hole cards MUST play in order to qualify. The Tournament Director MUST be called over to verify the winning hand BEFORE any official decisions are made by players or dealers. 

4. When the jackpot is hit, the current day’s posted bad beat jackpot amount will be divided as such: The player that took the bad beat, or lost the hand, will receive 50% of the posted amount; The winner of the hand will receive 25% of the posted amount; and 25% will be equally distributed to the remaining qualified players at the table

6. Fouled decks or any collusion among players will disqualify the jackpot hand. If in the opinion of management, any player passes inappropriate information to another during the hand in order to influence the action, the jackpot could be disqualified. In all such disputes, management decisions will be final. ANY conversation about the potential jackpot hand during the hand could be deemed inappropriate and may forfeit the jackpot. Please do not discuss during the play.


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