Essay Contest to Reap Rewards

Remember essay contests? Well, we’re bringing them back for the month of January. One of our newest sponsors, Poker Moses, aka Mark Brement, is a renowned poker coach that helps plug the leaks in even the greatest player’s game. His coaching services are available to APT players whenever they’re ready to up their game a bit. For this essay contest, Poker Moses has offered a coaching package valued at over $300 to the winner. Your topic? “How Playing Free Poker Has Affected My Life” PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ENTRIES TO BY JANUARY 31, 2013

We’re not looking for a novel or anything, nor do we just want a twitter update. Instead, write a long paragraph, about 2oo words will do. My participating in the contest, you’ll be giving us permission to use your essay for marketing and promotion. The winner will be determined by APT staff with input from Poker Moses, and will be announced at the Yearly Event or earlier. To prompt you, I’ll share my essay with you here. Good luck and have some fun with it!

“When I first discovered free poker in the gay bars of Phoenix over eight years ago, it was a Monday night at Bunkhouse and I couldn’t believe all the people that were out. When I finally talked myself into playing, everyone at the table was warm and friendly. Since then, free poker is available in a gay bar 7 days a week and I always feel like there is something to do. One of the things I like most about playing cards at the bar is never feeling awkward to walk in alone. As soon as you sit down, you’ve pretty much got 7 new friends to talk to.

Over the course of the years, I have met some of the most amazing people and I truly consider myself blessed. My social circle, as well as my professional circle and contacts have easily quadrupled thanks to the relationships I’ve built through poker.  There is a sense of family in our little poker community, and many times this family has come together to help others in their time of need. This is the most generous group of people I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

While winning is always a nice treat, it is very clear to me that free poker is more about who you meet and the energy you gain, than any prize you could take home. Free poker in Phoenix has literally changed my life forever and has provided so many great memories that I’ll never forget.” -Billy






Discount Cab: The Official Taxi of the APT

Starting January 1, 2013, Discount Cab is the Official Taxi of the APT. With thousands of cars in their fleet, Discount Cab is able to provide the excellent service our players demand. They’re also known for clean, energy efficient vehicles driven by drug-tested, friendly drivers.

The sponsorship agreement is a huge milestone for APT because it’s the first major corporate sponsor that will assist in the expansion of APT across the state. Sponsorship dollars will help continue to bolster the already impressive prize pool for the Quarterly and Yearly poker invites.

Players will receive lots of incentives for using Discount Cab, including a standard bonus of $1500 in chips for every receipt they turn in.


APT Looking for New Poker Hosts & Promoters

For over 7 years, Jeremiah hosted Monday and Tuesday nights at the Bunkhouse. Pete has hosted at The Rock, or other venues for a long time too. I’ve been hosting off and on since The Rock first brought poker in nearly 8 years ago. It’s fun, a great way to make some extra cash, and it’s a pleasure to be surrounded by an amazing group of people that quickly became close friends. With that being said, lots of life can happen through the years. Jeremiah recently had another beautiful baby that requires more of his attention. Pete’s about to turn to dust and would like to retire. I am always looking for the next adventure. So, we’ve got opportunity. Not only will the current venues be looking for new hosts, or subs, we’re actively pursuing new venues across the valley.

We’re looking for leaders strong in poker skills and/or promotion & marketing. You’ve all encountered many hosts in your poker lifetime. Some you like, some you don’t. We’re looking for those with a passion for running a fun event that gets fired up when they create an environment for others to have fun in. Fill out the interest form here and we’ll be in touch.


APT Secures Renowned Poker Coach as Latest Sponsor

Mark Brement, aka, Poker Moses, (seated center) poses for this shot at the Final Table of the Arizona State Poker Championship

We’re having fun adding to your player prize pool. In addition to the Quarterly and yearly events, we’ve added the APT Anniversary Tournaments that feature the Dream Car Bonus Game, where the Top 20 finishers will get a shot at their $50,000 dream car. Then, we added TWO $1,000 seats to the Arizona State Poker Championship at Talking Stick Resort, where the estimated prize pool is at $1,000,000 again. The winner of this year’s State Poker Championship went home with $233,000 CASH!

Many of us have been playing each other for almost 8 years now! Most of us have progressed to VERY solid poker players. And, we know there’s another level of play just beyond our current reach. We’re still here just for fun & entertainment, but I think we can agree that the game is a lot more fun when we make good decisions (and win). $233,000 is life-changing money for most of us. When the stakes are high, a little advice from the pros couldn’t hurt!

We’re pleased to announce that professional poker player, Mark Brement, aka Poker Moses (for his token “Ten Commandments of Winning Poker” strategy) has joined the Alternative Poker Tour as an official sponsor. Mark is a down to earth player, once ranked by Card Player Magazine as 86th in highest earnings. He now resides in the Phillipines with his family and offers one-on-one virtual coaching to players all over the world.   As part of his sponsorship, you’ll see his blog posts on the APT Facebook page, as well as have some exclusive content from the busy coach and father. We’ll also be kicking off the sponsorship with an APT exclusive “Essay Contest”, where the winner will receive a prize package that includes some one-on-one coaching from Poker Moses himself. Details on that will follow shortly. In the meantime, “Like” the new “Poker Moses” Facebook page, and feel free to peruse his current blog at For those immediately interested in his coaching programs, take a look here:

Interestingly enough, Mark also placed 7th in the Arizona State Poker Championship! That’s the very tournament we’re sending at least TWO lucky winners to next year. Talk about experienced!

Another Big Win for Brement at the “Christmas in July” Tournament for Del Sol Casinos

Insurance Pros of AZ Join the Cast of Sponsors at APT

Insurance is one of those necessities of life that many people don’t like to think about more than they have to. The result: Many people end up over paying too much or they don’t have enough coverage, year after year.

APT is excited to announce that shopping for the best insurance just got easier and more fun. Insurance Pros of Arizona is a full service insurance brokerage and Independent agent, Trisha Gulley is the latest sponsor of your poker tour. The sponsorship will help the prize pool of free poker tournaments increase over the coming months. To launch, APT is offering a special coupon entitling poker players to $300 of restaurant gift certificates for only $30! Click this link to request your coupon!

Trisha is a fun, supportive, insurance agent that makes it very easy to get a FREE QUOTE. She’s confident she can make sure you have all the coverage you need at the best price possible. Help support those who support you! Contact Trisha Gulley today!


Trisha Gulley

Office: 480.621.7482


New Catch Phrase for APT Released

The first year of APT has been an exciting roller coaster of events and adventures. Our very first catch phrase, “Open Tables, Open Minds” helped with our initial transition and helped people feel welcome and comfortable as the new league took form and introduced all the fun stuff we had in store. Now that we’re headed full steam with a clear vision of where we’re going and what we have to offer the players, we’re introducing a new catch phrase. “Just For the Fun of It” has just been launched this week and will begin appearing in advertisements in New Times, Craigslist, & more. As we expand to new venues, and to new players, we hope it stays more than just a catch phrase. Fun & entertainment are truly why most of us are here, and “Just For the Fun of It” will permeate everything that we do. We’re 400 players strong, and growing every day. That’s a lot of personalities! We’ll keep the events fun, light, and well organized, with great prizes. You come, Just for the fun of it!


TRIPLE Point Tournaments Are Back!

Until the point tracking system was up and going, we kind of eased up on the amount of TRIPLE point tournaments we were offering. Now that the system is up for the world to see, we’re kicking them off again, full steam! Last Friday, at the Grand Welcoming Event for Harley’s Bistro, we offered TRIPLE points and had nearly five full tables. Each week, we will now offer TRIPLE points at a specific location and we’ll rotate through all the APT venues. TRIPLE points offer a huge opportunity for those players that haven’t been out to play as much as they’d like. With numbers on the rise in all venues, a TRIPLE point tourney can catapult a player up through the ranks and assure them a place in the Top 125 for January’s Yearly event. The buzz is on because the First Place prize for the Yearly tournament has just been announce; a $1,000 seat to the Arizona State Poker Championship. Players will also get a chance at $2500 in cash again with the Royal Flush Bonus Game! For this week, join us at Cash Inn tomorrow night at both 7 & 10pm for TRIPLE points AND lots of other fun as Vicki hosts the Summer Invite. Bring your Harley’s Bistro, Certified Technical Services, or ANY taxi receipt for an extra $1500 in chips. Happy Playing!